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Pro-Vice-Chancellor Anthony Hollander of UoL Visits WCH

2018-02-20 16:37:49

On the morning of October 12, 2017, Professor Anthony Hollander, Vice President of the University of Liverpool, visited West China Hospital. President Li Weimin, Executive Vice President Wan Xuehong and representatives from Graduate Department, International Office, Integrative Medicine Department, Infectious Diseases Center, Department of Pancreatic Surgery, the State Key lab and other relevant departments attended the meeting.


President Li Weimin said WCH and University of Liverpool have maintained good cooperative relations in medical education and research in recent years and he hoped both sides can use this as a basis to enhance exchanges and explore deeper international cooperation.


Professor Anthony Hollander believed that this visit is a good start and pointed out the key for the cooperation between the two sides is that there are mutual trustworthy, enthusiastic and sincere correspondents and PIs.


Executive Vice President Wan Xuehong introduced the cooperation between the University of Liverpool and WCH in the following aspects: cooperation and exchanges in biobanks, collaboration and funding for clinical research personnel training, achievements in scientific research cooperation, publication sharing and expectations of future West China - Liverpool Center.


Professor Sutton of University of Liverpool detailed the history of the cooperation between WCH and University of Liverpool. He emphasized that pancreatic diseases, cancer and infection may be the best breakthroughs in future cooperation.

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