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Professor Neil Robert of University of Edinburgh Visits Pain Management Department

2018-09-14 10:10:55

On the morning of August 23, Prof. Neil Robert, an expert in functional magnetic resonance imaging research, a foreign “Thousand Talents Program” scholar, and the Chairman of the Clinical Research Imaging Center of the University of Edinburgh, visited the Pain Management Department. Vice President Gong Qiyong and Associate Professor Xiao Hong and medical staff of the department participated in the academic exchange activities.


Professor Neil Robert observed the English morning shift of the department. Vice President Gong Qiyong said that Professor Neil Robert's visit has promoted the multidisciplinary cooperation between pain management and imaging, which has created opportunities for the clinical and scientific development of the Pain Management Department. The hospital will strengthen such multidisciplinary cooperation and provide a platform for exchange and cooperation. Associate Professor Xiao Hong introduced the general situation of the department in terms of major cases, techniques, published articles, and research topics.


At the meeting, Prof. Neil Robert introduced his work and areas of expertise and expressed his hope to cooperate with the department to promote the cross-fusion of pain management and imaging. The two sides discussed some hot issues such as pain mechanism and treatment, pain-related imaging and visualization techniques.


Later, Professor Neil Robert visited the ward, the invasive treatment room, and the non-invasive treatment room.


The visit aims to seek cooperation and agreement on the functional MRI and pain research and to jointly carry out imaging research on pain mechanism and pain-related diseases between the University of Edinburgh and West China Hospital/West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University. 

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