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Professor Laurence Needleman Was Conferred Visiting Professorship of WCH/WCSM

2018-09-10 14:22:49

On the morning of September 7, 2018, a ceremony was held at the Ultrasound Department for appointing Professor Laurence Needleman, Director of the Ultrasound Department and Co-Director of the Vascular Center of Jefferson University Hospital, as a visiting professor of West China Hospital/West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Luo Yan, Director of the Ultrasound Department. Professor Wan Xuehong, Executive Vice President of WCH/WCSM, Professor Yang Taizhu from West China Second University Hospital and Professor Liu Jibin from Thomas Jefferson University also attended the ceremony.


Vice-President Wan Xuehong welcomed the arrival of Professor Laurence Needleman. After introducing the history of West China hospital and the history of Ultrasound Department, he announced the decision of inviting Professor Laurence Needleman to be a visiting professor of WCH and issued the certificate of appointment.


Professor Laurence Needleman gave an academic report entitled “Sonographer Workflow: Implication for China” as a visiting professor of WCH afterward. In his report, he introduced the detailed workflow of ultrasound examination in the United States, including ultrasound scanning, recording, and reporting. He shared methods of how to communicate with sonographers during work, how to better communicate with the patients. The talk focused on the process of learning and growing as an ultrasound technician. Professor Laurence Needleman said that an excellent sonographer needs to learn basic knowledge before clinical practices, to use theoretical knowledge in clinical practices, and to find problems and solve problems encountered at work.


Professor Laurence Needleman, graduated from New York Medical College, is currently the Chairman of the American Vascular Laboratory Accreditation Committee and Director of the Division of Ultrasound at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He is a senior ultrasound expert and ultrasound education expert. He is mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular ultrasound and interventional ultrasound. He has hosted and participated in many NIH-funded research projects and has won many scientific research awards, including the RSNA Roentgen Researcher Award. He has published more than 80 papers in critical medical imaging journals such as Radiology, AJR, and JUM, and has participated in the compilation of more than 10 books on ultrasound medicine. Professor Needleman is a member of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, the Radiological Society of North America, and the American College of Radiology.

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