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WCH Wins Gold Medal in Asian Hospital Management Award 2018

2018-08-01 15:40:12

On July 2, the Asian Hospital Management Award (China Award) Ceremony was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. West China Hospital won the gold medal of Asian Hospital Management Award (China Award) 2018.

The Asian Hospital Management Award (China Award) is the most influential event in the field of hospital management in the Asia - Pacific region. The event entered China for the first time to recognize the achievements of Chinese hospitals in medical and health field. 55 hospitals with 168 excellent projects took part in the selection. After two rounds of double-blind evaluation by international judges, 32 projects won awards in six categories.

The Project named "Practice of Operation and Management Mode of Comprehensive Hospital in Country - Level Public Hospital" selected by the Operation Management Department of WCH
won the gold medal in the category of BEST COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PROJECT. The project successfully brought operational management experience to the county-level public hospital by establishing the first county-level operation management department. Through various reformational projects, we promoted innovation in the perspectives of service ability, discipline construction and performance optimization to reform a hospital with efficient operation. This award is a practical proof of the replicability of our hospital's operation and management experience under the background of China's healthcare reform.

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