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Professor Hu Bing Performed Live Demonstration for Double Giant Esophageal Diverticulums in 4th Athens International Symposium 2018

2018-10-23 15:40:41

The 4th Athens International Symposium(AIS) held in July 2018 was a renowned endoscopic summit in Europe held every other year. The meeting brought together famous International Faculty of experts from 15 countries and had an energetic participation of over one thousand attendees coming from 25 different countries. After the huge success of live endoscopic surgery demonstration in 2016, AIS committee invited Professor Hu to perform live demonstration and teach a hands-on course as senior expert in 2018 again. The case AIS prepared for Professor Hu was a 71 years old male with double huge diverticulum in the middle esophagus. It was a rare case and one of the most difficult and complicated cases in this meeting which poses a huge challenge for Professor Hu.


Before the meeting, Professor Hu prepared carefully and brought two magnets especially for this case which proved to be very magic and useful in professor Hu’s hands. Two different strategies were performed for these two diverticulums. The first one was treated with double per-oral endoscopic myotomy (D-poem) and the second one with magnet assisted auto-diverticuloplasty (MAD). ALL these two techniques are invented by Professor Hu and have been published in high-level journals. During the live demonstration, the process was very successful and the whole audience were stunned by this breathtaking surgery due to its extreme difficulty and complexity. However, Professor Hu managed to finish the surgery neat and tidy without bleeding in the process. All the presenting experts and attendees were marveled at professor Hu’s skill and stood up several times to applaud for him.


After the live demonstration, Professor Hu, as a senior expert, trained endoscopists from 8 countries such as France, England, German and Italy in a hand-on course.


It is quite a demonstration of innovative endoscopic skills by Professor Hu and a distinguish exhibition of West China Hospital on the international academic stage.

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