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Six Years’ Hard Work for a Vibrant Club

2019-02-18 17:13:51

December 14th, 2018 marks the 6th anniversary of Hope Clubhouse which was established by West China Hospital, Sichuan University and Chengdu Qingyang Federation of Disabled Persons.  

Hope Clubhouse is not only a sparkling pearl on the platform of “Integrative Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Hospitals and Communities” by West China Hospital, but also one of the three institutions in China that have the highest professional certification in the world to provide club-based mental rehabilitation services. Meanwhile, Hope Clubhouse is a non-profit organization for mental rehabilitation. During six years’ hard work since 2012, the Club started from Yulin Community to Qingyang District, from a tiny institution to a global organization of hundreds of members which has participated in international exchange conferences many times and won the accreditation of the International Club.

The Clubhouse, as a strong partner for patients with mental disorders, provides learning, employment and communication opportunities for patient members and promotes their recovery. It has a globally advanced network system and the best mental rehabilitation practice system. The Clubhouse serves its members more than 9,000 times a year, offers employment opportunities for 105 times and resumes patient students for 10 times.

In the period of six years, our "Hope Clubhouse" has received help and support from many organizations and individuals, and we will continue moving forward. We believe that no matter how great the limitations caused by diseases, everyone can overcome diseases and live a life of satisfaction, hope and contribution and pursue a meaningful and valuable life in the future.

Our deep gratitude goes to the following institutions and individuals for their support and encouragement:

West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Chengdu Qingyang Federation of Disabled Persons

Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences&Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital

Kadoorie Charitable Foundation

Hongkong Youth Development Foundation

MSI Professional Services 

Leaders and staff of Hope Recovery and Rehabilitation Center

Xizheng Material Trade Co., Ltd.

Member of Advisory Committee of Hope Clubhouse

Yulin Community Hospital

Blue Energy Committee of Chengdu Hilton Hotel

IFS Wharf(Holdings)Limited

Pharmaceutical Groups


Family members of Hope Clubhouse and their family

Kind people



(Written by Ms. Li Shuiying, Mental Health Center)

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