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WCH ranked 2nd in Top 100 Best Hospitals in Chinese Communities of Asia in the ranking of the 2018 "Chinese Hospitals’ Competitiveness"

2019-09-26 11:42:56

On June 28th, the Institute of Asclepius Hospital Management hosted the 2019 International Healthcare Investment and Financing Forum, and released the 2018 China Hospitals Competitiveness List. Vice President Gong Qiyong attended the event on behalf of our hospital.

On the ranking of the Top 100 Best Hospitals in Chinese Communities of Asia in 2018 (including the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore), our hospital won 935.82 marks and occupied the second place in comprehensive strength. Vice President Gong Qiyong accepted the award on behalf of WCH.

At the forum, Vice Director Gong Qiyong gave a speech titled Creation and Pioneering in the National-level Medical Centers. He shared the development experience of WCH from the aspects of fine management, standard management and intelligent management, which was highly recognized by the attendees.

The Institute of Asclepius Hospital Management (“Asclepius”), founded in Jan.9, 2004, is an independent third-party research institution. Based on the experience and database accumulated in respect of China Hospitals Competitiveness Ranking over the past years, it has set up the evaluation system for the comprehensive competitiveness and technical know-how of hospital, the evaluation system for China Hospitals Competitiveness and star-level hospitals, and the HIC evaluation system for the China Hospitals Competitiveness.

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