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Student team participates Innovate4AMR in Geneva

2019-11-27 11:37:29

From November 21st to 23rd, the Innovate4AMR capacity building workshop of the WHO World Antibiotic Awareness Week was held in Geneva, Switzerland. The SAVE (System of Antibiotic Vigilance and Equity) team formed by students from West China School of Medicine stood out from more than 160 participating teams from all over the world and became one of the 10 winning teams that were eventually invited to Geneva. The team is also the only one from mainland China in the workshop.


Innovate4AMR is an online competition sponsored by the World Health Organization. It aims to collect systemic solutions for antibiotic resistance worldwide. The participating teams are required to focus on solving the problem of antimicrobial management in the absence of medical resources. The goal is to increase antibiotic efficiency and reduce antibiotic abuse. The solution should be tailored to local conditions, combining local antibiotic resistance and health care, and include participants who drive the progress of the solution. At the same time, the program should be sustainable in terms of funding, and it may be applied in the real world, or even expand the scale and have a long-term impact. The organizer encourages the participation of multi-disciplinary student teams, which involves clinical medicine, public health, engineering, food consumption, supply chain, corporate management, and finance.


The SAVE team is established by MBBS students from our school of medicine, Arjudeb Mukherjee from India, Shavin Avichalca keragala, Saritha Herath from Sri Lanka, and Peng Haoning, a five-year graduate of clinical medicine in 2019. This is also the first participating team of our school composed of Chinese students and foreign students.  


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