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Endoscopy Center Welcomes Oversea Doctors for Training

2019-01-24 15:07:59

The Endoscopy Center of West China Hospital, Sichuan University, is the training base of the Ministry of Health for both the digestive endoscopy physicians and the ERCP Standardization Training Program in China. With its superb medical technology and professional services, it enjoys a good reputation in the southwestern area and even across China. Recent years witnessed its frequent international exchanges with peers, including internationally renowned professors and doctors from medical schools in Europe and the United States.

In 2018, Prof. Hu Bing was invited to deliver ERCP demo courses at the 2018 Annual Conference of American College of GastroenterologyACGand the European Digestion and Digestive Endoscopy Summit. He was also invited to Delhi and Calcutta for nine demonstrative operations and two special lectures. All these exchanges have showed the masterly ERCP technology of WCH to the world’s digestive endoscopic doctors and promoted this medical technology with wide acclaim. Therefore, there is constant stream of foreign doctors who come to learn from Prof. Hu Bing.

Formerly, most foreign doctors came to the Center to learn ESD, POEM and early diagnosis and treatment of early digestive tract cancer out of its reputation. In early January this year, the Center welcomed the first doctor to study ERCP and early diagnosis and treatment of early digestive tract cancer — Dr. Onpan Cheung from ACE Endoscopy and Surgery Center Hospital, California, USA. Subsequently, Dr. Rahultalele from India also came to study this medical technology.

In 2019, the Endoscopy Center will receive a new batch of foreign physicians. Through continuous technical exchanges and cooperative learning, the advanced endoscopy technology of West China Hospital has already stood on the international stage.




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