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First Digital Version of "Nursing Guidelines of Hospital on Prevention and Control for COVID-19" Officially Launched Online

2020-02-24 11:19:58

In order to better build a scientific, reasonable and replicable rapid response system for outbreaks of respiratory infectious diseases, meanwhile, to provide references and help for the nursing in epidemic prevention work at hospitals, especially primary hospitals, West China Hospital of Sichuan University published the "Nursing Guidelines of Hospital on Prevention and Control for COVID-19 " on Feb 15.

The book focuses on how to effectively and scientifically carry out nursing work in hospitals at all levels in the battle against COVID-19. The book introduces methods of quickly building emergency management systems and processes, implementing emergency materials reserve management, strengthening emergency management of key nursing departments and key processes, providing occupational protection to frontline caregivers of the epidemic, intensifying standards, protocols and processes for nursing work. The book is target-oriented, practicable and operative. It has important reference value for nursing work in epidemic prevention and control in hospitals at all levels

To download the full text of the book, please click the link below

Nursing Guidelines of Hospital Prevention and Control for COVID-19

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