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WCH Publishes Free "Emergency Guidelines for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Medical Institutions" Online

2020-02-20 11:20:31

In order to prevent and control the epidemic more accurately, West China Hospital of Sichuan University (WCH) and the Expert Group of Medical Treatment of COVID-19 Infection in Sichuan Province compiled and published the "Guidelines for Emergency Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Medical Institutions" on February 14. This is the nation's first published and detailed guideline for the prevention and control of COVID-19 especially for medical institutions. It is available for free online.

Based on the work management and process design of WCH’s prevention and control for this epidemic, the book starts with the overall layout of medical institutions for COVID-19 prevention and control, emergency management plans in key departments and key links. The book points out scientific design processes, clear standards and protocols and aims to provide references for COVID-19 prevention and control in medical institutions at all levels. The book helps medical institutions at all levels in establishing a rapid response system for sudden respiratory infectious diseases. It will provide a reference for medical institutions at all levels to improve their emergency management level, enhance their ability to manage and control the outbreak of infectious diseases, and improve the level of epidemic prevention and treatment.

To download the full text of the book, please click the link below

Emergency Guidelines for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Medical Institutions

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