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Sichuan’s Integrated Platform of Online Psychological Intervention for Covid-19 Launched

2020-02-25 16:10:19

To provide proper emergent intervention in the psychological crisis amid the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic in Sichuan province, experts in the fields of mental science and psychology in the province have made integrated planning, built a platform and opened telephone and video channels to provide psychological guidance, and conduct psychological crisis intervention by means of fusion media and games, among others. 

Currently, the experts have been formed into groups to develop the psychological intervention resources, disseminate scientific knowledge of the epidemic, and release relevant photos, articles and videos continuously so as to assist the mass and medical workers in their psychological adjustment. The resources include articles, web pages, audio and video products, and online books relating to psychological intervention in the fight against the epidemic, which are provided to the public and medical workers for free amid the move of anti-virus battle.

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