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[People’s Daily] West China Hospital Experts Discuss Six Critical Cases of Covid-19 via 5G

2020-02-27 16:23:38

“Hello! Director Luo, Director Kang…and all my colleagues at the frontline! It’s so nice to see you all!” At 4:00p.m. February 20, President Li Weimin, West China Hospital of SCU, greeted his colleagues working in Wuhan on the 5G remote consultation platform.

This was the first remote case discussion on the critical cases of Covid-19 by the multidisciplinary experts of WCH who were fighting against the epidemic in four inpatient wards of the East Branch of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University and Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, and the experts from West China 4th Hospital who took charge of the inpatient wards of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University. In addition to the medical experts at the frontline, some experts from the Cardiology Department and Infectious Disease Center, Radiology Department and the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of West China Hospital joined the discussion.

“We have an all-round discussion about the cases with the multidisciplinary experts by sharing opinions on the typical cases, and then try to optimize the therapeutic schemes for patients while summarizing relevant experience. This will be very helpful for us to enhance the remedy results, providing valuable reference to other hospitals.” Li Weimin said at the meeting.

This article is based on an original report from the People’s Daily.

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