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The United Research Team of WCH Successfully Develops Test Kits for Novel Coronavirus

2020-02-28 18:11:14

Recently, the clinical team led by Prof. Ying Binwu with the Experiment Medical Department of West China Hospital made efforts to solve key medical problems by partnering with the research team co-led by Prof. Ke Bowen of the Anesthesia and Critical and Emergency Lab of WCH and Prof. Geng Jia of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy. As a result, they have successfully developed two diagnosis products: the 2019-nCoV Cobas Tapscreen MPX kit (Multi-Color Fluorescence RT-PCR Method) and the 2019-nCoV IgG/IgM Antibody Joint Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold Method), both of which have entered the clinical verification stage.

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