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Abdominal Oncology

2017-06-23 14:30:16

Department of Abdominal Oncology is one of the three departments of West China Cancer Center. The center, named the Department of Medical Oncology primarily, was set up in 1960 and was the first professional department for cancer therapy in South West of China. After more than 40 years’ development, the West China Cancer Center became the biggest cancer center in the Western China. Now the Department of Abdominal Cancer has 200 beds, and nearly 60 medical workers (including 20 doctors) are working together here. Most doctors have M.D. /Ph.D. Degrees and the others have M.D. /MS Degrees.    


Comprehensive therapy is the most important idea in the department. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, thyperthomo therapy, interfering therapy, molecular targeting therapy, immunobiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine are the most popular approaches for selection. By tracing the most advanced approach in the world, the department is keeping the same pace in the fast changing field of cancer treatment. 


Also, the center was appointed as the national clinical base of the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for new anticancer drugs. More than 50 clinical trials, both domestic and global, have been accomplished in the center. Professors routinely go to the ASCO, ESMO, ECCO, CSCO and other important international meetings to enhance their abilities in the clinical cancer treatment or to present their outcomes in clinical research.


The Laboratory of Signal Transduction & Molecular Targeting Therapy is an experimental research base of the department. The laboratory is open for both applied and basic cancer research in West China Hospital, Sichuan University. The research in this lab focuses on signal transduction pathways that are involved in the initiations, progression and metastasis of malignancies so as to explore new anticancer therapeutics by targeted intervention to the key molecules in this process. The laboratory has world-class equipment, and is provided with functional units such as Molecular Biology Section, Signaling Molecule Section, Tissue Culture Section, IHC Section and Academic Meeting Section, etc. It also shares several large-scale technology platforms with other laboratories such as Animal Facility Center, Gene Knockout Centre, Model Biology, etc. The research work in this lab has been being supported by National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars, the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in the Ministry of Education, the National Natural Science Funds and the provincial and ministerial Funds. The lab also has established a good collaboration with a number of first-class laboratories in the United States and the Great  Britain. About 20 graduates were admitted to the laboratory to pursuing their Ph.D or MS Degrees.


The department, both the clinical unit and the laboratory, welcome collaborators from all over the world to work together in fighting against our common enemy – cancer.



Chief of the Department: Bi Feng

Tel: 86-28-85423609

Fax: 86-28-85423609

E-mail: bifeng@medmail.com.cn  

Department Tel: 86-28-85423262    86-28-85422589

E-mail: stamtt@163.com



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