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The Department of Anesthesiology, West China Hospital is proud of its rich academic heritage. The anesthesiology service was firstly performed by a team in the Department of Surgery in early 1950s. The department of Anesthesiology was formally established in 1978 and Professor Longqiu Ming was the founder and worked as the chairman for more than 20 years. Then, Professors Defang Jin and Quanyun Wang took over the responsibility and made contributions to the development of the department. In 2000, the department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care were integrated and Professor Jin Liu was appointed Chairman to the department of anesthesiology and intensive care unit.   


Under Professor Liu’s leadership, the department has undertaken a tremendous reform and achieved unprecedented growth. In 1984, Master degree in Anesthesiology began to be conferred.  In 2001, the department was authorized to confer Doctoral degree.  In 2004, the department was designated as the key specialty of Sichuan Province. In 2007, the Ministry of Health approved the establishment of a formal anesthesia residency training program in the department. At the same time, the department of Anesthesiology and the department of Critical Care also got recognition by the National Ministry of Education as national key specialties. The department also became an authorized national clinical trial base for new drugs and instruments in the field of anesthesia.


Currently, the Department of Anesthesiology is quite impressive with its clinical, educational and research scales. There are 60 operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, 30 PACU beds, 30 inpatient beds for chronic pain management, 1 anesthesia clinic and 1 pain clinic. The department has a laboratory of 600 square meters and equipped with ¥10 million-worth instruments. There is also an anesthesia and critical care simulation center of 500 square meters and ¥5 million-worth facilities. Annually, over 50,000 anesthesia cases in ORs are carried out and over 20,000 cases outside ORs. Currently, Professor Jin Liu is the Changjiang Scholar pointed by the Ministry of Education, a winner of outstanding youth fund of State Natural Sciences Foundation Council, President of Chinese Doctor’s Association of Anesthesiologists, and vice-president of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology. Professor Yunxia Zuo is the vice-chairman in charge of research. She is the deputy leader of national youth committee of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology and the deputy leader of national pediatric anesthesia group. Professor Bin Liu, vice-chairman in charge of the clinical anesthesia, is a standing committee member and the general secretary of Chinese Doctor’s Association of Anesthesiologists. Professor Chaozhi Luo is the vice chairman in charge of education and the committee member of national anesthesia group for organ transplantation.


The faculty of the department is composed of 11 professors, 13 associate professors and 27 assistant professors. The department runs a 5-year residency training program, a 3-year post-graduate Master’s degree program, a 3-year post-graduate Doctoral degree program and a one-year Post-Doctoral fellowship program.  Each year, 20 residents, 25-30 Master’s degree candidates, 5-10 doctoral degree candidates and 60 clinical fellows are recruited to the department. In clinical anesthesia, there are 10 teams working in different sub-specialties, and each senior attending physician is sub-specialized.


The simulation anesthesia and critical care center collaborated with American Heart Association. In 2008, it launches Basic Life Support (BLS) training for the general public and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training for Physicians. It also provides simulated training for anesthesiologists and intensivists over the country.


The department puts great emphasis on clinical and basic scientific research and focuses on: (1) general anesthesia and its mechanisms; (2) new anesthetics and analgesics development; (3) organ protection and blood conservation; (4) new techniques and methods in anesthesia and basic life support; (5) basic and clinical research of pain management.  


Besides clinical and scientific research, the department also promotes creative invention, practical and translational study. There have been a number of achievements in scientific research in recent years. “Inhalational Anesthesia Research” won the second prize of National Science Development and “Peri-operative Blood Conservation” won the first prize of Sichuan Provincial Science Development. The department has obtained 2-3 NCSF grants and published 5-10 articles on international journals. In recent years, the department has been awarded 15 patents and 15 more patents are in the process of application.  The department has completed the pre-clinical study of 2 anesthetics. In brief, the department has a proud history and made significant contributions to the field of anesthesia. The department of anesthesiology sincerely welcome all domestic and international friends to visit and is eager to be collaborated in any clinical, educational and research projects.



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