WCH seeks to become the national center for medical scientific research and technology innovation. It has one State Laboratory, two ministry-level key laboratories, one Cooperative Research Centre online system under the Ministry of Education, and 43 open laboratories. Furthermore, the Chinese Cochrane Center, the National Safety Assessment Center for New Drugs and Traditional Chinese Medicine (GLP Center), the National Center for Clinical Trials of Drugs (GCP Center for Western Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the National Institute for Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy are all based at the hospital.

In recent years, the Hospital has successfully secured more than 1000 grants from the major national funding agencies such as the "973 Project", "863 Project", "Tenth Five-Year Plan", "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and the Natural Science Foundation of China. The Hospital has received close to 840 million RMB of research funding in the past five years and since 1999, and it has won more than 120 science and technology awards at different levels. It has applied for over 100 patents, 100 of which have been granted. WCH has excelled among all medical institutes nationally in the number of research papers published, and it ranked first in China in the number of SCI and MEDLINE-indexed articles in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Currently, the hospital publishes nine different academic periodicals, all of which are included in the resource periodicals for national scientific publications and two of which are indexed by the MEDLINE database.