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Dermatology and Venereology

2017-06-23 14:49:12

The department of dermatology and venereology in West China Hospital of Sichuan University (the first affiliated hospital of West China University of Medical Science) was founded in the early 1950s. After years` development, the department has obtained great academic attainments in clinical medicine, teaching and research, and is well-known in Southwestern China.

The director of the department is Professor Guo Zaipei and the secretary is Chen Jiqin. The charge nurse is Chen Jihui.

A number of experts and scholars of great attainments are working here, including 4 famous experts, 3 professors, 4 associate professor, 4 attending physicians, 3 residents, 6 senior nurses, 2 deputy senior nurses, 8 nurses and 4 technicians. There are currently more than 10 students pursuing either Master’s or Doctoral degrees and more than 20 doctors from other hospitals all over the country attending advanced studies every year.

The department is the ministry of health base for drug clinical trial of dermatology. The base is in charge of and participates in the research of several new drugs of dermatology every year. All of new validated drugs obtained the confirmation of the state food and drug administration. The job ensured the safety and validity of new drug and is considered excellent by the administration committee of hospital’s base for drug clinical trial.

The mycology lab of the department is medical mycology clinical and research training center of ministry health. Professor Hanchao Luo and Professor Yuping Ran concentrated on a research of mycology from 1970. They accumulated abundant knowledge of mycology and specimen of all kinds of fungus. The training center has trained a lot of graduates and medical fungus checkers. Many difficult cases, especially systemic infection of fungus, were consulted in the center and obtained exact diagnosis and treatment.

After 30 years’ development the pathologic diagnosis room accumulated a store of knowledge of skin histopathology and abundance of histopathology data. The pathologist can make a high level diagnosis for all kinds of skin diseases especially for skin tumors. The pathologic diagnosis room makes more than 1000 diagnoses every year.

Skin allergy lab was founded 20 years ago. In the recent several years, specialists have dedicated to research studies of the common allergen. Today the kind of allergen that can be tested is increased from 40 to more than 400. The advanced methods can find exact allergens and provide scientific evidences for many patients in time. Professionals can treat the allergic patient with standard desensitization and ease discomfort of patients.

The center of skin cosmetic health care has the most advanced non-scathing examining equipment. The equipment can evaluate the skin status healthy or not, and it is helpful for diagnosis, treatment and medical consultation of diseases. The examination includes the color, the elasticity, the furrow, the sun-proof function, the content of lipid, content of water, the loss of water, acidity and alkalinity of the skin.

There are 40 beds for patients in the department. The ward is equipped with favorable conditions. A large number of experts and scholars of great attainments are working here. The total number of inpatients for these hospitals per annual is over 1000. The difficult and serious patients obtained exact diagnosis and treatment and the rate of healing and improving is more than 90%. The total number of outpatients visits every year is over 10 thousand. The experts of the department work every day for patients.

STD Examination and Therapy Room
There are many advanced instruments, high frequency ionotherapy equipment, and multifunctional ionotherapy equipment for
 various kinds of venereal disease examination and therapy.

Fungi Laboratory
1. Fungi examination:Including fungi detection for clinic examples, fungi chromoscopy , fungi cultivation, and  identification of fungi strain.
2. Other STD causative agents examination:Including Diplococcus gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, crab, burrowing mite, Demodex folliculorum and so on.

Laser Therapy Room
There are many advanced skin cosmetic laser instruments in our department. Technique operators have been trained strictly for professional theories and techniques, and patients will get scientific and comfortable therapy here.
1. Venus multiwave-lengh skin cosmetic laser machine Indications:
1).Disturbances of pigmentation, including Nevus of Ota, pigmented nevus, stain, senile plaques; café-au-lait spots, and freckle, et al.
2)Cutaneous vascular diseases, including naevus flammeus, angioma, telangiectasis, spider telangiectasia, et al.
3). Tattoo removement, including tattooing eyebrow, lid margin, lipline and so on.
2. Laser depilator: for permanent depilation of hair.
3. Tenderize skin by Intense Pulse Light 
1) Disturbances of pigmentation, including sunburn, senile plaques, moth-patch, café-au-lait spots, freckle, and so on.
2) Cutaneous vascular diseases, including red blood streak on the face, rosacea, telangiectasis and spider telangiectasia et al.
3) Change of skin’s density, for follicular orifice enlargement, tiny wrinkles, elastosis, rough skin and superficial acne scar.
4. Cure acne by photon machine: for acne treatment.
Cosmetology Therapy Room

1. auto-epidermal grafting of vitiligo

2. Cosmetology of daily life, skin care, and spiloma nevus removement.

3. Microwave for proliferative skin disease treatment.

4. Multifunctional ionotherapy for cyst and sebaceous cyst treatment.

 Skin Cosmetology and health care exploratory development center

1. Detection of health status of skin to provide the correct selection of cosmetics, and consulation of skin health care

2. Examination of the patients with skin disease and scientific evaluation of drug reaction

3. Professional consulation and evaluation of clinic reaction of many products to domestic and abroad enterprises

Skin allergy detection and treatment room

1. Detection of various kinds of allergen of the skin

2. Desensitizative treatment of allergic skin diseases.

Physiotherapy room

1. Multifunctional ionotherapy, for proliferative skin disease.

2. Helium and neon laser, for the eczema, dermatititis, ulcer and the soreness.

3. Ultraviolet light, for psoriasis and other skin diseases with erythma and scales.

4. Strontium90 radioisotope, for angioma.

5. Liquid nitrogen frozen therapy, for verruca vulgaris, verruca plana and proliferative skin disease.

General therapy room

1. Change dressings of topic therapy of skin disease.

2. Regional hermetization therapy of scars.

3. Treatment of molluscum contagiosum

4. Regional hermetization therapy of alopecia areata

5. Intramuscular injection

6. Skin biopsy and minor operation of skin disease.



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