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The Department of Geriatrics, West China Hospital, is the largest geriatrics department in Southwest China. It has 240 patient beds within 5 floors and is equipped with advanced facilities. It is sub-divided into 4 divi­sions, i.e. geriatric respiratology, geriatric cardiovascular & cerebrovascular, geriatric endocrinological & gastrointestinal and palliative Care wards. In addition, there is an ambulatory clinic.

As the largest prevention, diagnostic and treatment center of geriatrics in Southwest China, the department has 100 staff, of which there are 23 with doctoral degrees. Up to 2000 patients per year are admitted and discharged, and another 6000 critical-ill patients are rescued annually.  The department undertakes the task of the health management and consultation for the high ranking officials in Sichuan province, performing health examination for more than 1000 persons every year. The department is one of the 5 designated department nationwide to confer doctoral degrees, and also the only one in Sichuan province. There are 2 supervisors for doctoral students and 8 for postgraduates who supervise 2-3 doctoral and 5-8 postgraduate students each year. The geriatric laboratory of the department plays a fundamental role in the national key laboratories of biological therapy. 


The department is the only teaching ground of bedside evidence-based medicine practice in China, taking responsibility for training residents and conducting training classes for doctors all over the country. Each year it provides postgraduate education course for 15-20 physicians, nurses, and other professional groups from regional hospitals in Sichuan and other Western Region. Since 2006, the department has been the training base of General practitioner authorized by Ministry of Health of China,hence the department undertakes a significant role in national evidence-based medicine training and General practitioner training, in provincial region education for geriatrics and resident training, etc.


The head of the department, Prof Birong Dong, is the acting Chairperson of Sichuan branch committee of Chinese Geriatrics Association, and now, the department of geriatrics has been the link between the Sichuan provincial geriatricians and the community doctors, as well as the research center of geriatrics, regularly developing education for the community patients and establishing the friendly relationship with grass-root doctors. Evidence-based medicine association in Chengdu. The department has become a bridge that links up the medical members of the Geriatrics and General practitioner of the community in Sichuan province, and has been playing an important role in scientific research


The department establishes a gene bank of 877 longevity elderly persons of Dujiangyan area in 2005 and has three community bases for research operations in Chengdu.

The department now has more than 20 research items under investigation, and the major fields of research are as follows:

1.The Molecular Genetics Study on Aging and Longevity 

2.The Mechanism of Infection and Immunity in the Elderly

3.The relationship of Insulin Resistance with degenerative change of Blood Vessel    Endothelium

4. The mechanism and intervention of Gastrointestinal Motility Dyskinesis

5.The Comprehensive Assessment and Long-Term Care of the Elderly.

6.How to implement the results of research into clinical practice.

7.The Care of the End-Stages of life

8.The Clinical and Basic Study of Dementia


Sichuan Province and the neighbor provinces in Western China have a large aging population, while the regional economy has fallen behind compared with that of the more developed coastal regions, and accordingly the level of medical care in this region is also falling behind.  So, the future goal is to narrow this gap and provide a high-calibre patient care backed by the latest technology and research in the field of geriatric medicine to the senior citizens of Southwestern China.


The department of geriatrics sincerely hopes to have the opportunity to work together with the experts and scholars all over the world in the field of geriatric and gerontology research for the advancement of our specialty.  Please contact with:



Dr. Birong Dong

Director of the Department of Geriatrics

West China Hospital of Sichuan University

No. 37 Guoxue Xiang, Ren Min Nan Lu 610041

Chengdu. Sichuan. China

Tel: 86-028-85422324

Email: birongdong@hotmail.


Fu Yan

Secretary of Department of Geriatrics

West China Hospital of Sichuan University

No. 37 Guoxue Xiang, Ren Min Nan Lu 610041

Chengdu. Sichuan. China

Tel: 86-028-85422321

Email: laonian_2007@163.com




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