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Neurology Department

2017-06-23 15:08:55

Founded in 1954, the Neurology Department of West China Hospital is the neurology therapeutics center for difficult and severe cases with the largest scale in Southwestern China. In 1981, the Neurology Department was one of the few departments in the nation authorized to confer Master degree of Neurology, and in 2003 to confer Doctoral degree. In 2004 the department was recognized as a key discipline at the provincial level.  In 2006, The Epilepsy Prevention and Cure Center was founded in Sichuan Province. The department is entitled as Elaborate Courses of the third level of Sichuan province, Sichuan University and West China School of Medicine, meanwhile, it is the training base of neurology clinic doctors and nurses in Southwestern China.

There are currently 28 physicians within the Neurology Department, and 16 of them are professors and assistant professors. Among them there are 2 doctoral degree advisors, 6 Master degree advisors, 10 attending physicians,  28 nurses,and 7 technicians. Among the nursing staff, there is 1 co-chief superintendent nurse, 4 director senior nurses, 9 primary nurses, and documentary nurses, and the majority of the nurses have college diplomas or beyond.

The Neurology Department has been focusing its area of research primarily on Cerebral Vascular diseases, Epilepsy, Neural Degenerative disease and neural electro-physiology.  The department is currently co-operating with some international corporations and conducting over twenty projects funded at the national and provincial level, such as the National 973 Project, the National Nature Fund, and the 5-year Plan. The department has won 5 research awards at provincial level and published over 300 papers (including 20 SCI indexed papers) as well as more than 10 monographs. At present, both clinical practice and scientific research are rapidly developing side by side within the department. The Neurology Department takes more than 120,000 outpatients a year in clinics, and discharged 5,000 patients annually.

Neural electro-physiology examination center has set up examination rooms for neural electro-physiology, cerebral vascular disease, and neuro-psychology, et al. Specialized facilities such as electroencephalograph(EEG), video-EEG monitoring, electromyography (EMG), sensory evoked potentials, transcranial Doppler are available in the Neurology Department for the evaluation of the nervous system disorders to provide prompt and accurate health care service for the citizens of Southwestern China.

The Neurology ward is the first comprehensive nursing model in the region, with a separated intensive care unit, stroke unit, epilepsy center, et al. The professional medical and nursing service, together with modern medical instruments within the ward, have created an atmosphere which is being patient friendly and satisfying the need of recent social development and patients` demand.

All the medical and nursing staff members of Neurology Department are constantly mindful of the hospital motto “Affection, Service”, and strive to provide a superb service for its patients.



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