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2017-06-23 15:11:22

The operation unit of West China Hospital of Sichuan University is the largest general modernized department in China. The unit is located in four buildings with totally 6 floors, in which there are 62 clean operation rooms including 22 rooms with cleanliness class 100, 31 with cleanliness class 1000 and 9 with class 10000. The unit is equipped with advanced instruments in kinds of special fields and sterilization apparatus which provide good service for over 50000 operations annually in multiple operations including general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, urologic surgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, ophthalmological surgery and otolaryngologic surgery.


The faculty of operation unit stick to care about patients, and serve patients, and regard the safe perioperation nursing for patients as their goal, and actualize specialized surgery cooperation in order to improve the cooperation quality throughout the flowable management which focuses on safety, effect, cost and space for future development. As a teaching hospital, the unit prepares the teaching disc “Regulations for operation manipulation” for the medical students, continuing education students, residents and nurses in order to standardize the entire process from the very beginning of entering the operation room to the end of leaving it. And another series of books “surgery cooperation” have been composed for the teaching of low grade and other specialized nurses.


The operation unit has a faculty of 150 people including 1 postgraduate, 11 undergraduate and 85 junior students. For trying to establish a study group, the unit has set up a scientific research team to provide an opportunity for the each of the faculty in article writing, scientific research and continuing education. Until 2007, over 100 articles have been published on journals, which makes a good environment in study and competition. The Provincial medical continuing education project operation study course for backbone” was organized twice in 2006, each of which accepted more than 100 students, and the national continuing education project “Management course for operation” was organized in 2008, which was commended reputably by colleagues in China.


The operation unit of West China hospital of Sichuan University is unremittingly attempting to improve the clinical nursing, teaching and research to maintain the good image of the hospital and to promote its reputation.



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