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Orthopaedic Surgery

2017-06-23 15:14:28

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of West China Hospital is the first group of institutions authorized to confer master degree and doctoral degree, as well as the post-doctoral training ground. The department is also the national key discipline. Five clinical centers are affiliated within the department, including West China Joint Reconstruction Surgery Center, West Region Joint Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment Center, West Region Arthroscopy Technology Training Center, West Region Spine Surgery Center and West China Orthopaedic Traumatology Center. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is sub-divided into three sections with a total of 236 beds. Each year, the department admits more than 5,300 inpatients, performs more than 5,400 operations, provides with nearly 66,000 outpatient visits and nearly 80,000 emergency room consultations.

The department is sub-divided into six sub-specialties, named joint reconstruction surgery, spine surgery, upper limb surgery, lower limb surgery, orthopaedic oncology, and sports medicine. Each sub-specialty is headed by well-known national leaders in the field. The sub-specialty of joint reconstruction surgery, spine surgery, orthopaedic oncology , orthopaedic traumatology and soft tissue repair are currently leaders nationally, especially, joint reconstruction surgery, internal fixation technology of orthopedic traumatology and bone and soft tissue repair have reached the advanced international level. Traditionally, the department puts much emphasis on academic exchanges with international colleagues. Over the past several decades, through much effort, the department has established close working relationships with many prestigious orthopedic units in USA, Australia. Germany, South Korea, Spain and Hong Kong SAR. Many of its staff members have benefitted from short- term studies in these countries.

The philosophy of the department is based on “Patient Oriented and Patient Friendly” and delivery of safe and excellent patient care. By insisting on the medical quality controlling system, which includes preoperative discussion, standardized perioperative management and discharge check, each and every patient is guaranteed timely and standardized treatment. Each member of the department is committed to a collaborative approach in providing an environment that will decrease complication, shortening the hospital stay and promote early completed recovery of mental, physical and spiritual status.

The department has 9 professors and 10 associate-professors, including 5 tutors of Doctoral degree candidates and 7 tutors of Master degree candidates. Three of the staff members are awarded honors of the National Special Allowance. Among surgeons, thirteen of them have doctoral degree and eight have Master degree. The staff members occupy important administrative positions in many national professional organizations such as : Orthopaedic Surgery Society of Chinese Orthopaedic Association; various divisions of Orthopaedic Surgery Society of Chinese Orthopaedic Association; Reparative and Reconstruction Division of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; Spine and Spinal Injury Society of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; Orthopaedic Surgery Society of Medical Association of Sichuan and Osteoporosis Society of Medical Association of Sichuan. The number of candidates who completed their doctoral and master degrees are totally 20 and 10 respectively every year.


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