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Otolaryngology Head-Neck Surgery

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The Department was first established in 1929 whose precursor was Chengdu Cun Ren Hospital (CCRH). CCRH was the largest Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital in China and in Southeastern Asia at that time and also the origin and the leading center in the field of otolaryngology in China. Many distinguished ENT specialists have worked in the hospital, including Dr. Jiang Shi Chang, Dr. Zheng Zhong Li, and Dr. Pu Guo Xuan etc. The Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery was authorized to confer Master and Doctoral degrees in 1978 and 1986 respectively. The Department became one of the national Post-doctoral training stations in 1992. In 2007, the Department was approved to be the national clinical medicine experiment base in otolaryngology.


The Department now has 50 faculty members including 8 professors,6 associate professors. More than 80% of the staff members have either Doctoral or Master degrees.  Two professors are supervisors of Doctoral degree candidates; 4 professors and 4 associate professors are supervisors of Master’s degree candidates. Ten staff members have studied abroad, in places such as: U.S., Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong. The Department has 84 in-patient beds and 11 examination rooms at its clinic area which provide 600-700 out-patient visits daily. The Department also provides educational program for undergraduate and postgraduate students and currently is responsible for many provincial and national research projects (e.g., NSFC).


In 2000, the Department started the China-Canada Audiology Graduate Education Program. Fifty students have graduated from the program and practiced audiology all over China. The Department becomes one of the important bases of educating students in the field of audiology in China.


Clinical Work:


1.  Otology group has been conducting special examination, diagnosis and surgical treatment for various ear diseases (including facial nerve disease), such as reconstruction of hearing, cochlear implantation and various auditory compensation techniques. The otology group has also been conducting vestibular function evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of vertigo. It is currently responsible for the basic research on electrophysiology of inner ear sponsored by two National Nature Science Funds.


2.  Rhinology group has been conducting a wide variety of nose and paranasal sinus disease diagnosis and treatment, nasal endoscopic sinus surgery, repairing of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea, nasal-sphenoid sinus-pituitary tumor resection, nose and skull base surgery, and other nasal-ophthamology related surgeries. The technology level has reached a highly competitive level in China. This group has been conducting provincial continuing medical education programs every year. For example, the rhinology group has held lots of seminars on Endoscopic surgical training which have trained many doctors previously with only basic level knowledge in this field. In collaboration with Ghent University (Belgium), the upper respiratory tract Laboratory (URL) has been established, which has the capability, to conduct basic and clinical research projects in the following areas: nose- sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, and so on.


3. Pharyngology and Larngology group has been conducting all kinds of micro-invasive surgeries with the CO2 laser machine under supporting laryngoscope, including the removal of vocal polyps, laryngeal constriction, benign tumors at the pharynx and larynx, treatment of laryngeal carcinoma at early stage, microsurgical treatment of laryngophryngeal carcinoma.  The outcomes of the treatments for the above diseases are very good. The level of treatment has reached an advanced level nationally. The laryngeal cancer gene therapy and pathogenesis research project has won three National Natural Science Funds and two provincial scientific and technological progress awards.


4. Head and Neck Surgery group has been responsible for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of head and neck tumors, surgical repair and reconstruction after head and neck cancer resection, free jejunum transplantation in the treatment of advanced hypopharyngeal cancer surgery with fairly good outcomes. With the collaboration of the Department of Radiotherapy, the Department of Pathology of West China Hospital and the National Biological Treatment Laboratory, this group has founded a research group on head and neck cancer that focuses on building a standardized protocol for the treatment, shaping the direction of future research of head and neck cancer.


5.  Snoring Center together with the Sleep and Respiratory Monitoring Center, has formed a joint research group on anesthesia respiratory and sleeping diseases. It has also developed various medical and surgical treatment for snoring disease (obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome) and obtained lots of experience.


6.  Hearing Center: There are 6 IAC sound booths, 4 Auditory-Verbal Rehabilitation rooms, and first-rate hearing test equipment in the Hearing Center. The Hearing Center has been serving patients at all ages from new-born babies to senior citizens. It can provide all kinds of audiological services that meet the international standards. The service includes complete hearing evaluation (diagnosis), treatment of hearing problems, audiological rehabilitation, audiological consultation. It is the first place that started the audiology graduate program and the audiology technician program, which makes it one of the most important education base for audiology profession. In collaboration with House Ear Institute, the Hearing Center has made important contribution to the area of pediatric developmental speech test materials and standardized outcome assessment strategies for children. It is currently one of the UNICEF Bilingual-Bicultural Education Base for Deaf children.


7.  Cochlear Implantation Center is one of the 10 designated national centers by the national cochlear implant donation project "Listening reconstruction and deaf action" of the Ministry of Health.  In 2007 alone, nearly 100 cochlear implant surgeries were done to help deaf children’ dreams to listen come true.


 8. Nursing group takes good care of our in-patients. All nurses have been well trained with very good nursing skills following certain standardized procedures. With "Patient-centered" services, good collaboration with each other, high motivation for continuous education, this group has been providing good nursing service for patients particularly those with critical and difficult situations. Their nursing skills are very unique and well recognized around the patients


Teaching and Research:


West China Hospital of Sichuan University is not only a major health care center for complex health problems for the entire Southwestern China, but also an important national center for medical education and research at all levels, undergraduate and graduate. In order to conform to the objectives that the hospital has set, the Department has been contributing a lot to the education of the undergraduate students from the, 7-year, 8-year and, oversea medical students, as well as post-graduate level continuing education. The Department has also established and significantly improved the management system and the evaluation system for education. The preparation and perfection in English-Chinese otolaryngology multimedia course material have facilitated all bilingual or English–speaking students during classroom teaching and clinical practice for oversea students. The Department has been responsible for and participating in editing the standard textbooks for the 5-year, 7-year medical education program, and standardized ENT resident training materials and "11-5 Plan" standard textbooks. It was the first place in China initiating a standardized five-year ENT residency training program. Over the past three years the Department has trained 50-plus Doctoral or Master’s degrees graduate, students, providing a large number of professionals in the field of ENT all over the country. Each year there is an average of more than 70 scientific articles written by our staff members published in domestic and foreign core journals. It also has won eight various levels of scientific and technological awards due to many remarkable achievements of the staff members.


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