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The Department of Pharmacy of West China Hospital is an integrated department of clinical pharmacy practices and education, medicine supplies and deployments, testing and production preparation, and pharmaceutical researches and teaching.


The department has 127 workers, including 3 Chief Pharmacists, 7 Associated Chief Pharmacists, 35 Pharmacists in charge, 14 Pharmacists, 63 Associate Pharmacists. And the department has 72 faculties, 50 technical staffs, 5 contract workers. At the same time, there are 16 clinical pharmacist standardized training students, 14 Clinical Pharmacy postgraduates and several trainees from the Ministry of Health and clinical pharmacy after-school education students.

There are 12 faculties who have got Master Degree, 40 Bachelor Degree and 72 others in staff.

Tang Yao Director: in charge of the overall management of the department, division responsible for Clinical Pharmacy management.

Zhang Zhiyong, secretary and associate director: in charge of researching, teaching and TPN, ADR management.

Rao Fan, associated director: in charge of drug preparation, quality inspection, as well as traditional Chinese medicine deployment and supply management.

Xu Ting, associated director:  in charge of western drug supply and regulating management.

Li Tianping Branch Secretary: in charge of coordination of different branches.



【Clinical Pharmacist Training Centre: in the charge of Li Tianping Pharmacist】

As one of the first batch of the Ministry of Health pilot training bases for Clinical Pharmacists, West China Hospital Clinical Pharmacist Training Centre is responsible for pharmacists standardized training program, clinical pharmacists training programs of the Ministry of Health, postgraduate education for Master of Clinical Pharmacy, clinical pharmacy services for the hospital and clinical pharmacists training.

The center has a Chief Pharmacist and a Pharmacist in charge. It has recruited 16 clinical pharmacist standardized training students throughout the country, 14 clinical pharmacy postgraduates, 2 trainees for the Ministry of Health and 5 continuing educating students.

The center is at the B2 floor of Outpatient Building of West China Hospital, covering about 400 square meters. It is also pharmacy information and intelligence room. It is set clinical pharmacists’ office, data query, conferences, lectures in one place.

Clinical pharmacists in a truth-seeking, innovation, care, service spirit, strive to establish a clinical pharmacist team with the core purpose of rational drug use, exploring new standardized training mode, promoting organic combination between clinics and pharmacy, and improving medical quality.


【Teaching and Researching Groups】

The Pharmaceutical Department established the Hospital Pharmacy Teaching and Researching Group of West China Clinical and Medical School and the Clinical Pharmacy Teaching and Researching Group of Pharmaceutical School. There are currently 2 Master mentors. The Group recruits for the hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy students for Master degree. They are engaged in pharmaceutical formulations, analysis, clinical pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration and other related subjects of research.

The groups actively carry out Pharmacy undergraduate teaching for the Medical School and Pharmaceutical School. We also participate in “Introduction to clinical medicine” for undergraduate curriculum of Medical School and “clinical pharmacy research methodology” for post-graduate of Pharmaceutical School. We are positive declaration “drug therapy” of Medical School and “Pharmacoeconomics” undergraduate teaching courses of Pharmaceutical School.

The groups actively explore the “4+2” teaching mode of clinical pharmacy, and create new ways of clinical pharmacy education.


【Sichuan Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center, in the charge of Guan Mei Associate Chief Pharmacist】

Provincial Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center is established in 2002. It is mainly responsible for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring of technical operations over the province, including adverse reactions data collection, collation, analysis, evaluation and reporting, information exchange, organization of academic activities, editing and publishing magazines, operational guidance, construction and maintenance of monitoring information networks, processing and reporting, and so on.

The center now has an Associated Chief Pharmacist and an Associated Pharmacist.


【Drugs Regulating Sector, in the charge of:

Su Lan Pharmacist in charge, UDD Centre

Xu Pingrong Pharmacist in charge, UDD Centre

Li Jian Pharmacist in charge, emergency Pharmacy

Wu Manxi Pharmacist in charge, Mental Health Centre Pharmacy

   West China Hospital Pharmacy exposes of Unit Dose Deployment(UDD) Centre, emergency pharmacy and mental health center pharmacy. They have a total area of 750 square meters. They are mainly responsible for the hospital wards, Golden Card wards, emergency patients and some out-patients regulating work of drug prescriptions.

    UDD center faces more than 4,000 hospital beds, the implementation of unit dose deployment of drugs has decreased drug intermediate links, and ensure the quality of the drugs. Besides, it strengthens the management of drugs, and reduces the loss and waste of drugs. It also reduces the workload of medical staff and improves work efficiency, strengthens pharmaceutical services, improves scientific and technological contents of pharmaceutical work.

Mental health center pharmacy is a specific one in the Mental Health Centre. It is in charge of the center in-patients and out-patient drugs swapping. The faculties strictly implement ate national and hospital-related rules and regulate to meet the clinical departments, responsible for the enthusiasm for patient services.

Drugs regulating sector presently has 72 staff members, including one Associated Chief Pharmacist, 27 Pharmacist in charge, 10 Pharmacists and 18 Associated Pharmacists. The sector not only complete the deployment of various types of prescription and pension payments, but also carry out consultation and safely advisory work for various departments and all the patients over the hospital. Dedicated service, cautious attitude, and truth-seeking spirit, skilled experiences are always requests of the staffs. To provide quality services for patients is the wish of all pharmaceutical workers.


【Total Parenteral Nutrition Preparation Room, in the charge of: Zheng Minglan Associate Chief Pharmacist】

Total Parenteral Nutrition Preparation Room began construction in 2002, invested more than 130 million yuan by the hospital, and was put into use in April 2003. It is for all types of patients in the hospital who need intravenous nutritional support of drug-related advisory work and preparative work.

The sector now has 2 Associated Pharmacists, 2 Pharmacists in charge, 1 Pharmacist and 4 Associated Pharmacists in all.

Preparation room established a reasonable flow of work processes, developed a series of rules and regulations. Arranged in various sectors special staffs, strictly ensuring the quality of preparation of TPN products. Keep close cooperation with all sections of the work, all around for providing clinical pharmacy services of high-quality work.


【Preparation Room, in the charge of: Liu Wei Pharmacist in charge】

Pharmacy preparation room is responsible for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine preparation products’ supply for inpatient department, outpatient clinics and emergency patients. At the same time, it ensures that all clinical departments and patients use drugs timely and safely.

At present, preparation room has 14 staffs, including 2 Pharmacists in charge, 2 Associated Pharmacists with all college education, 2 seniors, 2 mid-level workers and 2 ordinary workers.

The preparations formulations are more than 10 species. They are: mixture, granules, oral solutions, lotions, paints, enemas, eye drops, nasal drops, ointments, powders, washing agents, or so, about 50 varieties. In annual preparation of various types of agents about more than 500 batches, the annual output of about 400 million yuan. Various formulations accessed to the physicians, patients with “good effect, low prices”. In preparation work we strictly obey the rules, error-free accident occurred. SFDA adopted the calendar year of the inspection.

Rigorous work, serious attitude, and good service have gained the department praise from pharmacies and related sections. All the staff of the sector adhere to the “pioneering, innovative and realistic” idea, approaching to the preparation room a more standardized, better GPP one.


【Quality Inspecting Room and Laboratory, in the charge of: Song Yi Associated Pharmacist】

Pharmaceutical Quality Inspection Room has provided quality control agents to protect the safety of clinical drug mission since its inception. The sector has 2 Associated Pharmacists and 2 pharmacists in charge.

Main duties of the sector are: to formulate and amend internal control standards and testing practices; to establish titrations and other systems of related equipment, apparatus, reagents, test solutions, standards (or reference substances); to sample, test, stay kind of preparation products and issue the inspection reports; to monitor clean room or district of dust number and microorganisms; to evaluate of the quality and stability of the finished products; to determine preparation period.

The sector is equipped with the quality of physical and chemical analysis room, equipment analysis room and the seizure room. It has many advanced testing equipment providing a reliable security for the quality and stability of preparations.

Pharmaceutical laboratory has equipment like ultraviolet spectrophotometer, high-performance liquid chromatography, Rotary spectrometer, etc. It also has improved standards of laboratory work. At present the laboratory commits subjects of graduates, undergraduates and other experiments.


【Chinese medicine formulations and supply sector, in the charge of: Wang Yunming Pharmacist in charge】

The sector covers an area of about 500 square meters, has a Pharmacist in charge, a Pharmacist and 6 Associated Pharmacists. The formula is mainly responsible for deployments for outpatients and inpatients’ prescriptions. Supply sector is mainly responsible for providing the Treasury Department and Chinese medicine preparations Room Pieces of Chinese medicine and raw materials.

Strictly according to relevant state regulations, the department stores, manages and disseminates pieces of Chinese Medicine and raw materials and ensure their quality. Patients as the center, the department offers high-quality pharmacy services.


【Western Medicine Supply Sector, in the charge of: Ma Yin Pharmacist in charge】

Medicine supply sector is composed of Drug Storage, Infusion Storage and Prescription Storage. It has 1 Associated Chief Pharmacist, 2 Pharmacists in charge, 1 Technician in charge, 1 Pharmacist, 1 Associated Pharmacist and 9 other crews.

The entire reservoir area covers about 1,500 square meters. It is divided into office area, the cool, cold storage, mental and narcotic drugs. We are strictly according to the relevant requirements of the drugs classified in the storage and management. Common varieties are about 800 species. The department is trying its best to ensure that the hospital inpatient wards and emergency patients take drugs efficiently.

Drug Storehouse strictly implements of national and hospital’s drug-related laws and regulations, strictly abides by the hospital’s management system. The department has established sound and effective drug procurement, supply process, most of which have been automotive. Besides, the department has established a series of rules and regulations to guarantee the implementation.

Prescription Storage has been established and put into use since 2006. It covers about 200 square meters. The department arranged special faculty to control prescriptions from various deploying departments. The department established a cycle of prescription consultation, sing and management. So the department improved prescription management further.




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