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Thoracic Oncology

2017-06-23 15:19:52

The Thoracic Oncology Department is a special part of Cancer Center in West China Hospital, which is the biggest comprehensive cancer center in Southwestern China.


The department has a fine structure which comprised of specialists in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy and excellent nursing units. As a whole team, it collaborates and devotes to the challenging work of thoracic cancer therapy and research. Faculties in this team, including 3 professors, 5 associate professors and 7 attending physicians, are always fighting in most front line of oncology. In combination of treatment for thoracic cancer with image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), Comprehensive and personalized therapy are both conducted. The department is dedicated to improving life quality for the patients with lung, esophagus and chest cancer.


The department is also the National Clinical Base for Anticancer Drugs. Many drugs from the country or abroad are being and will be tested here, so our patients could have opportunity to receive the most advanced and free-charge treatments.  


The department is also a training base for residents, visiting scholars and interns. The professors also give online courses to other hospitals through Telemedicine Network. Now, there are 9 MD candidates and 20 medical masters here. They have to learn and master comprehensive therapy and specialized radiotherapy and chemotherapy techniques. 


The department has close relationship with the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of WCH, the mainstay of R&D center for biomedical products in China.


Team of Faculties:

 You Lu, MD. Professor of Radiotherapy, Head of Department

 Mei Hou, MD. Professor of Oncology, Deputy Head of Department

 Lijing Chen, MD. Professor of Radiotherapy

 Li Ren, MD. Associate Professor of Oncology

 Jin Wang, MD. Associate Professor of Radiotherapy

 Lu Li, MD. Associate Professor of Oncology

 Feng Peng, MD. Associate Professor of Oncology

 Meijuan Huang, MD. Attending Physician

 Yong Xu, MD. Attending Physician

 Youling Gong, MD. Attending Physician

 Lin Zhou, MD. Attending Physician

 Zhenyu Ding, MD. PhD. Attending Physician

 Mei Li, MD. Attending Physician


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