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2017-06-23 15:20:35

The Department of Urology at West China Hospital of Sichuan University has its honorable history which can be traced back to 1930s. At that time, the practice of urology was conducted by three pioneers, Dr. Liu Rongyao, Dr. Dong bingqi, and Dr. Yang Jialiang. Dr. Yang Jialiang, who finished his chief-resident training of urology at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, was nominated as the chief of the department of surgery at 1940s. Since then, the surgeons at West China Hospital provided distinguished urological service to hundreds and thousands of patients. Under the leadership of Dr. Deng Xianzhao, Dr. Tang Xiaoda, and Dr. Yang Yuru, several generations of urologists have dedicated their entire career to the continuous development of the department of urology, thus transforming the department of urology as a national leader in terms of patient care, including renal transplantation; education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and research in Southwestern China.


Today, equipped with superb facilities, the department of urology continues to expand. There are 140 in-patient beds for urological diseases and 25 beds for kidney transplantation within the department. The urological therapeutic center is about 2000 square meter, including 6 urological operating rooms, 5 other separated rooms for ESWL (spell full name), urodynamic examination, cystoscopy examination, urological radiology, and urological daily care. There are 15 surgeons in the department of urology. Half of them have post-doctoral training or advanced professional training in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hongkong, etc. In 2005, the department performed more than 2500 operations for the in-patients and finished about 50,000 out-patient visits.

The Department of Urology offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for all conditions that involve the urinary tract in men and women and male sexual and reproductive function. All the subspecialties in the field of urology are covered within the department which is well known by its experienced treatment techniques of all the urological diseases. The department offers state-of-the-art assessment and treatment approaches (including laparoscopy, endoscopy, laser, and lithotripsy) in diagnosis and management of urologic problems. Guided by the expertise of the senior surgeons, the younger surgeons in the department are advancing their careers and achievements in various aspects of urology, and meanwhile providing excellent health care for patients.




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