Optometry and Visual Science

2018-01-29 17:17:11

Introduce to the Optometry and Visual Science Program

The Optometry and Visual Science Program is aimed to cultivate high qualified optometric talents. It has an unyielding commitment: (1) to engage in academic research, which provides the underpinning of optometric and vision science education and service; (2) to strengthen the provision of optometric care to a diverse public; (3) to cherish the value that diversity in faculty and students brings to optometry and vision science; and (4) to treat fairly the faculty, students, and staff. The program's achievement of its mission will be measured by the success of students and the faculty who learn, create, teach, and provide patient care.


History and Development

The history of our program can be traced back to the end of last century. The program was established with approval from State Education Commission in 1997. In 2000, we started the recruitment of students of 4-year undergraduate. It was one of the earliest optometry education and also the earliest 4-year science undergraduate education in China, which had received attention from home and abroad. In addition to undergraduate education, we have been offering postgraduates training program for Master degree from 2005 and PhD degree from 2009, a 2-year residency program to get advanced clinical training. Our program made a significant breakthrough in developing optometric talents especially between 2000 and 2008.After 20-year development, the department of Optometry and Visual Science has cultivated graduates for hospitals, optometric colleges, related enterprises and has become a stabilizing force in optometry in China.

Now our faculty constitute an excellent group of over 30 teachers, including 7 professors,13 associate professors and 12 lecturers. In addition, there are four visiting professors from Hong Kong and USA. We have established cooperative relationships with Hong Kong polytechnic university, Singapore Institute of Technology,Western University of Health Sciences, Illinois College of Optometry. During recent years, more than 100 academic papers have been published.


Educational Objectives

This major is aim to train qualified personnel who has the ability to master theoretical knowledge of Optometry such as applied optics, anatomy of eye. Optometric clinical skills. This major also trains students to analyze, manage common problems of eye and vision individually. After four years’ study, students can meet the needs of our country and society development. and become a high qualified Optometrist to deal with relevant clinical disorders.


Educational Requirements

Some requests are needed for training students for profession. They mainly learn basic skills such as the knowledge of humanities and social sciences, medical basis, basic theoretical knowledge of optometry, visual health, optometry and visual training. At the time of graduation, they will get the license of advanced optometrist after examination. Also performing the examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and obstacles in the visual system, eye and related structures are the basic skills. Beyond that, the students should have certain ability for scientific research, teaching and translation.

There are seven details below, the student should:

1.   have good political, moral and patriotic sentiments;

2.   master basic theoretical knowledge of preclinical medicine and clinical medicine;

3.   master the basic theories and skills of optometry;

4.   have the ability to study and update the knowledge, have the ability to discover and solve problem;

5.   be familiar with national health policies and regulations;

6.   master the basic knowledge and skills of computer application;

7.   master a foreign language and having a certain ability to listen, speak, read and write.


Main Courses Offered

Physiological OptometryApplied Optics in OptometryOptometric Theories and MethodsOphthalmic OpticsContact LensesEye Movement Disorders and Binocular VisionOcular Disease, Low Vision, Laboratory Diagnostics for Optometry, Public Health in Optometry, Ophthalmic Dispensing ,Technological English for Optometry


Study regime and periods of studying: Four years, three to six years


Minimum total credits for graduation:172 credits


Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Science

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